Check This: Ryanhood – The Fight

Artist: Ryanhood

Song: “The Fight”

Album: Under the Leaves

Genre: Folk, Indie Folk, Folk Rock

“The more we fight, the more we invigorate the thing we’re fighting against and, without knowing it, the more we as people eventually become the kind of thing we’re fighting against. It’s not about telling another person or group how they should be processing their fears or hurts differently. It’s about noticing how you do it. It has to start with you… with me.”Cameron Hood, Ryanhood lyricist and vocalist.

Pulling lyrical inspiration from Slavoj Žižek, René Girard, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the forty-sixth Psalm, Ryanhood delivers their first single off of their upcoming album, Under the Leaves, set to release on April 16, 2021.

“The Fight” is an upbeat, catchy tune that I could listen to again and again. This Tucson, AZ duo really knows how to get your feet tapping while delivering a genuine message about internal reflection. Based on this track, I look forward to what the rest of the album will have to offer.

Check this fun song out now on our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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