Check This: Adam Ezra Group – Switching to Whiskey

Artist: Adam Ezra Group

Song: “Switching to Whiskey”

Genre: Americana, Country Rock, Folk

The pandemic disrupted the plans for thousands of touring musicians around the world, but for the Adam Ezra Group, the band didn’t let their canceled dates stop them from doing what they love. The band started a consistent series of livestream shows, playing to nearly 13 million people, and began The Album Project, releasing a steady stream of new singles to keep their growing fan base engaged.

The latest song, “Switching to Whiskey”, is a meditative, soulful piece of country rock. Dealing with the power of heartbreak and memory, the track finds its protagonist drowning their sorrow in a drink over a relationship’s end; “I don’t care that she don’t even miss me. I’m switching to whiskey”. With Ezra’s emotive vocals, and great fiddle and banjo accompaniment, the song is certainly one that will be played on jukeboxes for last rounds for years to come.

Take a listen to it in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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