Music Video: Shred Kelly – Take Me Home

Canadian five-piece Shred Kelly have gained a lot of fames through their sharply written, exuberant folk rock songs. While their touring for 2021 was halted by the continuing pandemic, they’ve kept themselves busy with virtual tours and releasing videos for songs from their 2020 album Like a Rising Sun. The most recent one is for “Take Me Home”. Though the song is musically filled with elation, the inspiration for the track comes from a more somber place:

“Take Me Home” is a look back on the past life of singer/songwriter Tim Newton’s father Bud. The narrator of the song is spoken in the words of Tim’s father singing to his mother reflecting on their time together. It is a declaration of love and a realization that his life is coming to an end, asking her to take him home so that he can leave the world in comfort.

Though the story behind the track pulls the heart strings, the video for the track matches the song’s high energy and heart, as it flies through a series of vignettes taking place on a home patio over a number of seasons. From love being found to a friendly jam session, the band comes in and out, as the song’s lyrics are displayed in increasingly creative ways on the door and house wall.

Watch the video above, and stream the track below!

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