Music Video: OVRGRWN – Wasteland

Indie synth-pop duo OVRGRWN‘s music takes inspiration from the retro sounds of 80’s film scores, while also blending in modern alternative and dance sounds. On their latest single “Wasteland”, the Bay Area group dive fully into the dreamy, vaporwave style of music:

“We leaned into synth-driven arpeggiated passages, and paired it with my dreamy vocal delivery, giving it a neo-classical vibe that can be heard in songs like ‘Veridis Quo’ from Daft Punk.”

Pairing perfectly with the throwback sound is the video for the track. Shot in a grainy, home video style, the visual incorporates a number of classic camera tricks and retro effects that the band is clearly having fun with. Other shots, including lead singer Danae Labraña laying on the ground with plates and spoons balanced on her, or drummer Brandon with a towel wrapped around his head, play off the weird and trippy visuals of 80’s underground and art films in a playful way.

Watch the video above and stream the track here!

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