Music Video: The Detours – Tell Me

Toronto’s The Detours have been working towards rock stardom since 2014, after forming from the remnants of a high school garage band. Writing songs that capture the alternative and punk spirit, and encasing them in a pop rock structure, the group has put in the hours and built a following that has taken them to some of their city’s most famous venues.

Having spent 2020 writing new material, they recently released the first date of their new direction with the high-energy single “Tell Me”. The guitar-driven rocker, polished with a synth-heavy chorus and exuberant melodic hook, is accompanied by the band’s first professionally shot music video.

For the video, the band takes viewers with them on the journey from a song’s creation, written alone on acoustic guitar, through the recording process, to the band playing the new song to larger and larger crowds. And visually, it does this in one long single take (at least from what I could tell – it’s possible there are hidden cuts within). Either way, it’s an impressive feat for an upstart indie band’s first video, and remains engaging with every twist and turn the camera takes.

Watch the video above, and stream the new single here!

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