Music Video: Future Kult – Hidalgo

Music videos don’t have to be high budget productions to be captivating visual accompaniment for the songs they bring to life. Take the debut single and video from Future Kult, Cardiff-based film composer Sion Trefor and Berlin-based musician & art producer Benjamin Zombori new collaborative project.

The track itself is hard to pin down; a mix of dance beats, indie art rock and apocalyptic orchestration, with Sion hypnotically singing about “Hidalgo, where the corn grows” in a hip hop cadence. A song with such a unique sound needs a unique video, and the Zombori-directed clip fits the bill.

Shot in the Mexican desert outside of the actual Hidalgo, the gritty, VHS-shot video shows glimpses of a masked folk hero, backed by a band of locals. Intercut are scenes of villagers hitting the ground with sledge hammers, creating minor explosions. Handheld camera footage is mixed in with soaring drone shots, creating spellbinding results.

Future Kult‘s album will arrive on February 11th. You can watch the video for “Hidalgo” above the stream the track here!

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