World Watch: Band-Maid

Country: Japan

Don’t let the maid outfits fool you – Band-Maid are no kitschy joke group. Formed in 2013, this band of Japanese women meld hard rock, metal and pop punk into songs that smack you in the face, but with enough melodicism to add a kiss that eases the sting.

Tracks like “Different” find the group shredding with grandiose licks, and mixing English and Japanese lyrics. 2017’s “Choose Me” leans more pop punk than metal, with a very catchy bounce to its heavier riffage. Their latest single “Sense”, which is also being used as the opening theme to anime series Platinum End, opens with an operatic orchestration, before the speed drums and dramatic vocals blaze in.

While groups like Baby Metal play off the juxtaposition between the cheery J-Pop vocals over metal riffs, Band-Maid‘s sound is cohesive, taking the music seriously and using the maid outfits in the same ways Slipknot uses their masks. It’s for theatricality and personality, not to take anything away from the amazing music.

Start listening to the group in our World Watch playlist!


  1. Your ridiculous backhanded swipe at Babymetal is not appreciated at all. They take the music serious and created a new genre of metal in the process. And if it wasn’t for Babymetal’s success on the international scene, the eyes of the world wouldn’t have turned to Japan at all. Meaning that fantastic bands like Band-Maid and Nemophila would still be unknown outside of Japan.


    1. BabyMetal have some great songs! While my phrasing may have been ineloquent, I only meant to compare the groups’ aesthetics and musical differences. Did not mean to imply they weren’t taking their music seriously.


  2. Your review was accurate from start to finish. While it’s true that I found Band Maid through watching Babymetal, the only similarity between the two bands is there country of origin.

    If you like all genres of rock played at an incredibly consistent high-level, Band Maid is for you! Like me, so many of their fans credit Band Maid for restoring their belief that Rock and Roll is still alive! (At least in Japan)


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