Check This: Violet Lewis – Don’t Say Goodbye

Artist: Violet Lewis

Song: “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Album: Loose Lips EP (Jan 7th, 2022)

Genre: Alt Pop, Indie Rock

Violet Lewis is wasting no time starting her career. The LA-based songwriter is currently studying at the Berklee College of Music, but she has been releasing music since 2019, and is preparing to drop her second EP on January 7th. Last December, she released the third single from the new drop, “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

Moody chords and haunted vocals build momentum throughout the song. Lewis skillfully tackles the chorus with a sense of disaffected malaise masking emotional turmoil. Also helping is that the track is not perfectly polished – there is a rawness to the drums and guitar work, with the yelping backing vocals capturing a ragged punk aesthetic.

Check out “Don’t Say Goodbye” as the first track in our new Check This 2022 Playlist!

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