Check This: Uèle Lamore – Warm Blood (feat. Silly Boy Blue)

Artists: Uèle Lamore, Silly Boy Blue

Song: “Warm Blood”

Album: Loom

Label: XXIM Records

Genre: Indie, Experimental, Classical

Franco-American artist Uèle Lamore does not let her music be confined to one space. Exploring all the possibilities available, she melds rock, indie, electronica, jazz, trip-hop and classical in her daring, exploratory music. Her most recent album Loom was initially conceived in 2019 as a more ambient, electronica work, until she decided to rework the tunes to make them more fun and accessible, with the foresight to making them tracks she could enjoy playing live.

One of the highlights of this latest collection is “Warm Blood”. Built upon electronic soundscapes with classical touches that build the haunting world of the song, the addition of Silly Boy Blue‘s reaching vocals are so emotionally gripping that they pull listeners into the heartbeat at the core of the song. Together, the track holds a subtle power that speaks in universal tones.

Listen to this quiet epic in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple.

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