Music Video: The Wrecks – Lone Survivor

Los Angeles-based alt rock band The Wrecks know how to stand-out in a crowded music marketplace. For starters, they write singles like “Lone Survivor”, a spicy dance-rock survival anthem that brims with a sultry confidence (“I’m a reckless lone survivor, Fuck your exes, fuck your father. I’m the sum of your desires. Say I’m not”). It shows how the group is continuing to evolve their sound beyond straight-forward guitar rock.

Fitting with the song’s desert imagery, the video for the track finds the cast dressed in cheesy cowboy outfits on a western-decorated dance floor. More impressive is the disco-line dancing mash-up the singer and cast break out on said dance floor. It’s two styles of dancing that generally have nothing to do with rock n’ roll, and it’s hard to turn your eyes away from it.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here!

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