Check This: The Q-Tip Bandits – Daisy

Artist: The Q-Tip Bandits

Song: “Daisy”

Album: Melancholy Flowers (June 10, 2022)

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Funk, R&B

Boston indie pop/rock group The Q-Tip Bandits have developed a unique sound through an amalgam of influences. With duetting vocals, breezy melodies, and a funky brass section that lifts their music into vibrant new realms, the group has gained a following that has launched them into the top of the Boston indie music scene. They’re now preparing to release their debut LP this year, and last week, gave the world the first taste of it with the single “Daisy”.

Opening with Leo and Claire’s somber harmonies, the track picks up with jazz riffs, funky rhythms, and ebullient horn choruses. It’s a track that transcends genre, and impresses with the group’s musical acumen. Not to be overlooked are the track’s wistful lyrics; “blood stains and broken hearts behind your porcelain tiles. Profane and pretty thoughts behind your smile”. About the song, Leo has said:

The initial spark for this song came after a visit to a childhood friend in Brooklyn. I hadn’t seen her in maybe 6 years and I noticed that her current lifestyle reassembled more of who I was when I first met her… searching for relief and meaning in my human experience through the use of mind altering substances. Now all the brilliance, honesty and compassion masked by a chemical lethargy but still ever present. Still shining in her warmth and loving energy, still trying to help others find self love, belonging and the light within themselves.

A band that can back up their substance with musical chops and memorable melodies deserves to be checked out, so take a listen to “Daisy” in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple!

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