Check This: Joe Hicks – Out of My Mind

Artist: Joe Hicks

Song: “Out of My Mind”

Album: The Best I Could Do At the Time

Genre: Indie, Folk Pop, Singer-Songwriter

While we’ve had Joe Hicks‘ music as part of our New Music Friday playlists in the past, with his latest single “Out of My Mind”, it was just so damn delightful it felt deserving of its own feature. The U.K.-based singer has been releasing music since 2017, mixing folk, blues, pop and rock to create his own blend of memorable, well-crafted songwriting. With his debut album coming September 23rd, he’s building momentum with his latest singles.

What first catches you on “Out of My Mind” is the effervescent guitar line. It has an islandy tone that brings the sunshine into this lovely little love song. Next, you may find yourself caught off guard by some of Hicks’ lyrical gambles, like “Our nights blended into days, we were puzzle pieces tryn’a tessellate”, which he pulls off thanks to his easy-going delivery that doesn’t try to overemphasize his $10 word usage. As a whole, the track is just tasty nugget of folk pop that conjures good feelings.

Check it out in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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