World Watch: Kalush Orchestra

Country: Ukraine

Though only around for a few years, Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra have already found world fame after winning Eurovision 2022 with their song “Stefania”. Originally a trio known just as Kalush, featuring a rapper, a multi instrumentalist and a dancer, the group expanded their line-up with a sopilka player and additional vocalists to become the Kalush Orchestra, creating a unique sound based around lyrics rapped in a special local slang, and music inspired by Ukrainian folk.

“Stefania” shows off a swift, hyper-flow, backed by vocal hooks set to Baltic melodies. The sopilka plays a prominent role, whistling over the “womp womp” beats. “Додому” is a moody, acoustic rap track, while “Файна” is the kind of jam to vibe out to, with its chill vocal delivery and soothing melodies.

While I can’t speak to the lyrical content, the songs still connects with its head-nodding beats, proving once again that music is a universal language. Discover Kalush Orchestra in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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