Music Video: The Moss – Insomnia

The ways in which the heart can torture the brain are animated for humorous effect on indie alternative rock band The Moss‘s latest music video for single “Insomnia”. The four piece band, based in Utah via Hawaii, have been around for a few years, creating an exuberant style of rock n’ roll, and their latest single is no different.

“Insomnia” bristles with hooks, with upbeat drums and a mix of crunchy chords and new wave solos creating a thumping good rock song. The animated visual accompanying the song tackles the song’s concept of being kept up at night by powerful feelings of love (“I guess I’ve never been in love before. It freaks me out”) by personifying an anguished heart.

The little heart finds itself awake in the middle of the night, kept up by feelings it can only express through handwritten letters it folds into paper planes and flies out into space. Where these letters end up is the video’s ending twist. Catch the amusing video above and stream the song below!

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