Banger of the Week: Monte – T.D.T.T.M

How do you make depression fun? You write a song like Monte‘s “T.D.T.T.M.” (which stands for “Too Depressed to Touch Myself”).

Formed in 2017 by singer/guitarist Caitlin Montclare, Brooklyn-based Monte took inspiration from a number of punk and metal bands to craft a sound that rips apart your expectations and never forgets to have a sticky chorus to get you moving in the pit. With lyrics that are blatant in their honesty (maybe even a little T.M.I), Monte cast a net over subjects like love and pain, mental health and sexuality. And on this single, a bit of all of those.

While admitting do such serious depression that you can’t even masturbate would usually be a very downer-subject (as well as the deeper meaning of the song, about not being able to go about your life without thinking of someone from your romantic past), Monte tackle it with loud, grungy guitar chords, brazing vocals and a good dose of cowbell. The metal licks recall the best trashy 80’s hair metal, and Montclare skillfully balances screams and swoons to give the track enough pop for the radio, and enough anger to make it a worthy banger.

So check out this rocker in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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