World Watch: Bo Milli

Country: Norway

Coming of age during a global pandemic, with climate change as an ever-present background nightmare, newcomer Bo Milli has had a lot of existential crises to draw from with her music. Raised on an island in Norway, and now based in Bergen, the young indie rocker has been gaining recognition this year after first posting her single “At the Wheel” on Soundcloud. That track, a lightly melancholic rocker with Milli questioning the state of the world (“who is at the wheel these days?”) drew comparisons to artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mommy.

With the release of her latest single “How it Is” last week, with “At the Wheel” as a b-side, Milli is showing that she is definitely a voice to watch. Milli’s vocals on the track have an ethereal sweetness to them, going into twee levels that contrast nicely with the sturdy drum beats, chunky, upbeat chords and horn accompaniment. Lyrically juxtaposing apathy and youthful determination, one can hear this inner battle in the musical dynamics.

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