Cover Corner: Kasey Chambers – Lose Yourself (Eminem)

Music, no matter what the genre, can cross boarders and reach people from a completely different background and history. That’s what Detroit rapper Eminem‘s music has done for Australian folk/country/rock singer Kasey Chambers, who considers Eminem one of her favorite lyricists. Being such a fan of the rapper, she took the risk of covering his classic 2002 hit “Lose Yourself” during a festival in Australia, and was blown away by the response:

I had no idea that audiences would respond to it like they have. Something else takes over my body when I play it and I get completely lost in it,” Kasey said on reflection. “I can honestly say its the most Ive ever connected to a performance of a cover song in my life.”

Covering the song on her banjo, Kasey’s version begins nearly acapella, with her wispy vocals singing Eminem‘s lyrics in a haunting tone. There’s an emotional strain as she hits the first chorus, and raises her voice up. As backing vocals and a bluesy electric guitar come in, the track starts to take on its own life. As the track hits the four minute mark, the guitars start to wale, with heavy drums clanging in, transforming the song from a bluegrass ballad to a crunchy, attitude-filled hard rock track. Chambers takes the song past the eight minute mark, with the fire in her voice and the guitars burning throughout.

If you’re one of the two people in the world who don’t know Eminem‘s original version, you can hear it here, and then be sure to listen to Kasey Chamber‘s version!

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