New Music Friday: November 25, 2022

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I am recovering from a pie coma. As you might imagine due to the holiday week, and the pending end of the year, it’s a light release week this NMF, so it won’t take you too long to get through the playlist.

One album you should check out is from Canadian glam punks The Black Halos (I guess since Canada’s Thanksgiving happened a while back, it’s not as big of a deal for our northern neighbors to drop new music today). We’re also featuring a new EPs of fun “sludge pop” from Joan of Arkansas and singer-songwriter beauty from Ruth Lyon.

As for new songs, ska veterans Five Iron Frenzy get a little help from MxPx‘s Mike Herrera on their new release. Emily Breeze (who we previously covered for her awesome music video) has new New Wave single out, and Machine Gun Kelly has returned to rap with the title track for his new film. Ska band We Are the Union have unveiled their first holiday tune, while Story of the Year drop the third single from their new album (due in March). The ever-controversial Morrissey has released the first single from his upcoming album, and Red Hot Chili Peppers seem to still have more music to share with us after their already packed year.

Former World Watch artist Bo Milli is back with a new single, and in the out there category: a “collaboration” between the late Jimi Hendrix and Zayne from One Direction. Hmmm…

Other artists returning to the list are Trunky Juno, Hotel Mira, JER, Sunny War, Lime Cordiale and SYML. Some new artists getting their first exposure on our playlist this week are Emily Henry, Rome & Duddy, Paulo Londra and lil Sword.

Take a listen to these new tunes in our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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