Music Video: Emily Breeze – Ordinary Life

Bristol-based songwriter Emily Breeze is readying the release of her third solo album Rapture, and recently released the bittersweet single “Ordinary Life”. The talk-sung song is a reflection on a gloriously misspent youth, and a celebration of the “magic, misery, miracles and monotony that are sewn into the fabric of everyday existence“, while also fitting into the album’s theme of coming of (middle) age, with lines like “one day you will find yourself at a friend’s 40th birthday party, wondering how the days turned into decades, and if anyone still does drugs” hitting that concept perfectly, as the swelling, synth pop music brings the track into a rapturous zeal.

Accompanying the new single is a strange and captivating music video. Blending stop-motion animation composed of two-dimensional clip-art (think a far-more surrealistic, Monty Python-esque South Park), with imagery of birds, fish, demons and Breeze herself cut in, it’s certainly not what you may expect a visual for the song to be. About the video, Breeze has said:

The wonder of this video is that I did not have to create the concept, appear in or organize the video. It’s all down to one of my favourite artists Ben Faircloth. He made the video for Warmduscher’s “WildFlowers” and all I had to do was email him and ask. His stuff reminds me of Basquiat, Gerald Scarfe and Monty Python. It’s gross and weird and fun and I love it. It was then skillfully edited by my mate Jon Davey who when he is not playing monsters in Dr Who is also a brilliant filmmaker and editor.

You can watch the clip above, and stream “Ordinary Life” below!

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