Check This: Maris – Heavenly Bodies

Anyone who is familiar with Postmodern Jukebox will know the timeless quality of the music that collective performs, so it’s not too surprising upon hearing the debut single by PMJ member Maris that there is something truly classic and timeless in her songcraft.

Upon the first notes of the song, it’s clear this is not a teen pop song; Maris belts out the tune with seasoned vocal chops. The drums give the track a rock beat, while the swelling keys and guitars float in the background to create a glimmer while Maris‘ layered vocals recall 80’s pop songs by the likes of Tina Turner.

A song detailing the rollercoaster of emotions felt in regards to her first love in high school, Maris has said about the song’s narrative:

I was in love with this girl, and I existed at her beck and call. She would only hit me up when her boyfriend wasn’t talking to her, and I would happily let her pick me up (which felt like flying toward the sun), only to throw me down (coming back down to earth).

These ups and downs from a first love are universal, and Maris captures them in thrilling fashion in “Heavenly Bodies”. Check out the track in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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