Banger of the Week: The Holdouts – A Black Widow in the Zen Garden

Something I’ve found is that when a hardcore band decides to make a more melodic track, they usually knock it out of the park. Whether it’s Avail with “Simple Song” or Black Flag with “T.V. Party”, it feels like the bands are almost showing off how easy it is to write a catchy hook. Niagara, Ontario’s The Holdouts make it sound pretty easy.

The melodic hardcore group’s latest single is pure, throat-ravaging punk rock. The track isn’t worrying about big hooks – it just blasts off with fury over overdrive drums and vicious guitars. It’s circle pit music at its most pure, with lyrical moments you just want to shout along with (“I’ll be the inspiration for a million poison dreams”, “Make a family of your own little misfit crew”).

Feast on this sharp banger in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, and check out the band’s new EP 325 when it drops on Oct 28th.

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