World Watch: M. Byrd

Country: Germany

When thinking about German music, the first things to come to mind are often dark, industrial metal (Rammstein), enigmatic electronica (Kraftwerk) and classical works with dubious places in history (Richard Wagner). We hope to add airy indie rock to that list by introducing you to M. Byrd.

The singer-songwriter has only been releasing music for a couple years now, but in this brief time the music he’s recorded has shown a remarkable skill in creating elegant compositions that are reminiscent of artists like The War on Drugs. On new songs like “Flood”, the driving beat and tangible harmonies make it a sunny, folk rock jam with enough atmospheric space to allow it to fill a room.

“You Know Me Best” builds from a simple bass line to a U2-worthy grandiosity, and “Mountain” begins softly with warm acoustic guitars and Byrd’s vocals taking on a soothing yet psychedelic lilt as he lays out thoughtful, introspective lyrics. The song is a beaut, so it’s no surprise it has already garnered over five million streams on Spotify alone.

Get to know M. Byrd in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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