Cover Corner: Leeann Skoda – Can’t Let Go (Mariah Carey)

Los Angeles-based singer/guitarist Leeann Skoda has gained recognition for her work with artists like Noah Cyrus and Brian Bell (Weezer), and as a regular at the Grand Ol’ Echo Americana series at Silverlake’s The Echo.

Mariah Carey is a global pop/R&B superstar who has one of the biggest holiday songs of all time.

While not likely to be found in the same social circles or crossing paths at music festivals, the connection between the two artists has now come together through Skoda’s serene, Americana cover of Carey’s song “Can’t Let Go”. Like much of Carey’s music, the original is an emotional ballad built around Carey’s sultry vocal delivery. The mellow drums and keys time it perfectly in the 90’s R&B era, with the backing vocals giving it a light gospel flavor.

Skoda completely reimagines the song. Her lilting vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitar strums, with the folk harmonies capturing the melancholy of Carey’s song, with an added impression of loneliness. It’s a lovely rendition that brings new life to the thirty two year old track.

Take a listen to Skoda’s version here!


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