Music Video: The Boy From the South – Amazing-Man

Barcelona-born, UK-based The Boy From the South have been gaining buzz around their new home, getting management, radio play and media attention in a short time span. All I had to do was watch their new music video for “Amazing-Man” and it quickly became clear why.

The group’s sound could be equated to a more relaxed, indie-pop leaning Queen, with lyrics on this latest single very much tongue-in-cheek (“I am the Amazing-Man. I’m a second hand cartoon. A crappy version of Superman, I’m a flying buffoon”). It’s an addictive, chill bop that should easily roll into Summertime playlists, though the video gives it all sorts of new life.

Finding frontman Pedro as a Circus ringleader, he sings with panache as a myriad of other circus acts perform around him. Fire breathers, aerialists, stilt walkers and trick archers all showoff their talents, even as our singer claims to be the “Amazing-man” cause he walks away with a smile. It’s a well shot and executed vaudevillian visual that elevates the band’s artistry.

Watch the video above and stream the song below!


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