Premiere: Libby Rodenbough – Sleeping Hard

Today, we’re excited to exclusively premiere “Sleeping Hard”, the third single from Libby Rodenbough‘s upcoming album Between the Blades (out May 12 via Sleepy Cat Records).

The ethereal indie folk track features co-producer Alex Bingham of Hiss Golden Messenger on bass and dreamy synthesizers and clarinet played by Matt Douglas (The Mountain Goats). Rodenbough’s vocals have gentle vulnerability to them, finding a soothing timbre during the harmonious chorus.

About the track, Rodenbough has said “the track is about choosing stillness in a world so heavy that your bed becomes your only refuge”. It’s a sentiment anyone who has sought to escape the troubles of the world can feel for, and the track itself feels like the perfect morning anthem to hear while laying back in one’s bed.

The track will be released everywhere tomorrow, April 18th. For now, you can listen to it here:


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