Banger of the Week: Last Giant – Hell on Burnside

Portland, OR isn’t all precious indie bands. Last Giant are a true-blue rock n’ roll band, busting out dirty, heavy riffs, drums straight out of the pits of hell, and darkly seductive melodies. Listening to their latest album Monuments, and album completed through months of set-backs and perseverance, you can feel the passion for heavy blues, hard rock, metal, and even a little pop, like on the stand-out track “Hell on Burnside”.

The guitars are turned up to wreck you, while drummer Matt Wiles transports you with grit and power. Singer RFK Heise, tackling the song with a haunting tenor, perfectly elevates the song on the chorus, asking “Do you believe in miracles?”, coming in like a ray of sunlight in the middle of a storm. The lyrical “inspiration was found in observation and introspection on not having a consistent home and being a stranger in constant strange circumstance,” and you can feel that searching for something to hold onto in Heise’s delivery.

If you need some light in your darkness, blast out this banger in our Bangers of the Week Playlist!


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