Check This: Immy Owusu – Flashback

Artist: Immy Owusus

Song: “Flashback”

Album: LO-LIFE!

Label: Hopestreet Recordings

Genre: Zamrock, West African Hi-life, Psychedelia

Growing up in the Australian surf town of Torquay, Immy Owusu was exposed to both the coastal rock scene, as well as the West African culture of his Ghanian roots. Spending time in Ghana to study under his grandfather, a renown Ghanian Hi-Life musician, Owusu returned to Australia with his own unique fusion sound dubbed ‘Afrodelik’. A prime example of this pioneering sound can be heard on his excellent new single “Flashback”.

The acoustic, surfy-guitar melody and cambia-style rhythm instantly create a relaxed atmosphere. It’s the music of being on a vacation in your ideal place. Owusu’ vocals have a smooth and soulful tenor that reach into psychedelic terrain as he goes into the chorus “maybe I should have listened to the echoes of my mind.”A wobbly wah-wah key line brings it further into trippy territory, but never at the cost of the vibe Owusu is creating.

Hear the incredible track in our Check This 2023 Playlist!


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