Music Video: Yam Haus – Sandcastle

Never has a song about the fragility of our existence been so invigorating or catchy. Minneapolis trio Yam Haus dig deep on their latest single “Sandcastle”, finding acceptance of the past few years through a truly perfect metaphor of living in a sandcastle;

“We build up our lives meticulously. The next moment, a breaker rolls in and washes it away — it’s kind of exciting, kind of exhausting, kind of terrifying, beautiful, horrible, tragic, almost funny in a sad way. It actually feels really good to let go of what you can’t control, and acknowledge the complete frailty of our little lives. I think there’s some really good stuff on the other side of that.” 

And while the subject matter is heavier, the song itself is a vivacious indie bop, which the band perform with vigorous joie de vivre inside of their own sandcastle in the track’s video. The threesome, led by frontman Lars Pruitt, jam out in a tower room with a paper-animated ocean waving in the background. The camera movements at times mimic the sway of the sea, giving the clip and extra topsy-turvy energy. Other cutaways find the band reading from a sand book, spinning a sand globe, and even flipping over a sand table. Of course, none of these fun visuals would matter if the band wasn’t clearly having fun with their own lively performance.

Watch the latest Yam Haus video above, and stream the track here!

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