Check This: Don McCloskey – First in Flight

Artist: Don McCloskey

Song: “First in Flight”

Album: The Chaos and the Beauty (Release date TBD)

Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative

Don McCloskey has had his music everywhere from Oscar-winning films to national ads to podcasts, so you’ve probably heard one of his songs without even realizing it. The Brooklyn-based songwriter has toured with acts ranging from Raekwon to the cast of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it’s the latter which likely helped lead to his latest single appearing the season 2 finale of Mythic Quest (which is starring and created by Sunny alumni).

The new single, “First in Flight”, sounds like a lost cut from Paul Simon‘s Graceland. The track is pure ebullience, riding high on afropop guitar lines, sunny horns and folksy lyrics about boys turning their bikes into flying machines. It’s a joyous tune, and one that you should definitely add to your summertime playlists. Or you can just follow our Check This 2021 Playlist and listen to it on repeat there!

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