Most Anticipated Albums of 2022

With a new year comes the excitement of new music. What will be our soundtrack to 2022? Which songs will help shape our year? While releases are never guaranteed (we’ve been burnt by The Cure multiple years running), the below list are albums that have either been set for released, heavily hinted at, or at least come with a strong probability of dropping before 2023.

Here’s what we can’t wait to hear in the new year!

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – TBD

Though there hasn’t been any formal announcement of the name of the long-running funk/rock/alternative band’s next album or its release, band members of mentioned in interviews that the album is almost complete, and with the announcement of a world tour starting next summer, it’s highly likely the band will be touring behind a new album. And considering they have John Frusciante back in the fold, expectations are high for this new one.

2. Arctic Monkeys – TBD

While 2018’s jazzy Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino was a bit too off from their normal rock sound to appeal to the masses, the Arctic Monkeys have created enough great music in their lifetime to get away with one more artsy, indulgent record. While there’s no hints as to the direction of their next one, the ever-evolving group certainly likes to keep their fans on their toes, so it will be an interesting listen no matter where the group takes us.

3. blink-182 – TBD

Some of the rare good news that came in 2021 was Mark Hoppus beating cancer. And while it’s likely he’s still getting back to his full strength, the 10th album from the SoCal pop-punk legends has been teased for the last few years, with high-profile collaborations name dropped, and even mentions of a reunion with Tom Delonge in the cards. Whatever happens, once Hoppus is ready to go (and Matt finishes his tour with Alkaline Trio, and Travis stops working with every single up-and-coming pop punk artist out there), it will be great to have blink back with new music!

4. Bedouin Soundclash – TBD

One of our favorite Canadian groups has been sharing bits and pieces of recording of their next album throughout the pandemic, and even premiered one fiery new track during their secret island acoustic live stream. Their last album Mass was our favorite of 2019, so truly can’t wait to hear what the band churns out next.

5. Samiam – TBD

One of the most underrated pop punk groups from the 90s (Astray is a classic), Samiam have shared photos from in the studio over the last year, which hopefully means we are finally getting the first new music from the group since 2011’s Trips. 10 years is long enough to have waited. Fingers cross a full US tour comes with the latest album.

6. Gang of YouthsAngel in Real Time (Feb 25, 2022)

The first album on our list that has been officially announced! The Australian band started building excitement for their latest one last year with the excellent “Angel of 8th Ave” (which made our Top Songs of 2021 list), and continued the fervor with the haunting “Tend the Garden”. The group is one of the most powerful new bands of the last decade, so I will certainly be listening to this new one a lot before seeing the band live in May.

7. Social Distortion – TBD

Like The Cure, we’ve been burnt before waiting for the veteran Cali punk’s latest album to come to fruition. There has been little to no update from the band, which hopefully means they’ve been hunkered down recording and prepping there next punk rock opus.

8. Elvis Costello & The ImpostersThe Boy Named If (January 14, 2021)

Returning to his rock roots, Costello has already released a couple tracks from the new album (and played one live during his recent tour), and after showing he still has the old fire in him with the track “No Flag” from his last album, we’re hoping this one brings back the angry punk rock attitude of the UK’s mod poet extraordinaire.

9. Avril Lavigne – TBD

The princess of pop-punk is back, and she’s signed with Travis Barker‘s label to reclaim her crown. Last year she had two big features with Mod Sun and Willow, bringing herself back into the spotlight and reasserting her influence on up-and-coming artists like Olivia Rodrigo. With the single “Bite Me” chomping away on playlists, it’s pretty clear Lavigne is looking to move back towards the rock she was raised on.

10. Eve 6 – TBD

Following last year’s excellent Grim Value, Eve 6 are releasing a new song on the “eve of the 6th” of every month until they release their new album. The band sounded revitalized on their new EP, and on the first single from their next one, “androgyne friend”, they continue to move in their new direction, incorporating 60’s garage rock into their porto-punk and power pop sound.

11. Lit – TBD

While their last album had them pushing towards a country music sound, Lit have made it clear that their next album will be a return to their party alt rock sound that blew them up two decades ago. First single “Yeah Yeah Yeah” is pure good times, and in interviews, the band has said the album will be avoiding talk of “viruses and politics”, and focusing on girls, heartbreak and the kind of fun subject matter that can bring all people together.

12. Billy TalentCrisis of Faith (Jan 21, 2022)

One of Canada’s best pop punk bands, Billy Talent have been making larger and larger in-roads into the U.S. over the years, and for their new album, they even are getting a little assistance from Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo on the album’s first single. Expect catchy fist-pumpers and blistering shredding.

13. Jack WhiteFear of the Dawn (April 8, 2020) and Entering Heaven Alive (July 22, 2022)

We are getting a double-dose of Jack White this year, and that is nothing to frown about. White is still one of the few remaining bad-ass guitar gods making focused, relevant albums. While his last album was uneven (to say the least), his latest song “Take Me Back” is an electric blues rocker, and has certainly stoked excitement for the rest of what he has in the works.

14. Our Lady PeaceSpiritual Machines II (January 28, 2022)

OLP have been one of those steady bands that have continued to release solid albums over the years, each having strong highlight moments and featuring a different side of the band that looks forward. Yet on their latest, they are looking back, creating an album they consider a sequel to their beloved 2000 album Spiritual Machines. Based on the first singles released, the band is still trying out new sounds. “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” (one of the best titles ever) is a grooving alt pop number with an assist from Pussy Riot, and “Future Disease” struts with a funky beat. This is going to be a good one.

15. Tegan and Sara – TBD

The sister duo recently announced they had finished recording their latest album, so it’s assured it will come out next year. It’s been over five years since their last collection of new material (2019’s Hey, I’m Just Like You were new recordings of songs they wrote in high school), so interested in seeing where the Quinns have taken their songwriting in that time.

16. Weezer – TBD (x4)

If releasing two albums last year didn’t quench your thirst for more Weezer, then you’re in luck – the band has four albums on the way in 2022, each one for a different season. While the band has been known to release some less-than-stunning albums in the past, I loved Van Weezer, so hopefully they have found some renewed inspiration going into these four albums.

17. SpoonLucifer on the Sofa (Feb 11, 2022)

One of the most reliable indie rock bands of the last couple decades, Spoon rarely make a bad album. First single “The Hardest Cut” is a shuffling rocker with bluesy licks, showing off the ZZ Top influence the band’s frontman admitted to in an interview earlier this year.

18. Liam Gallagher – TBD

While an Oasis reunion is less likely to happen than a Kinks reunion at this point, at least both Gallagher brothers have been reliably releasing new music since the break-up. While his first group Beady Eye was a bust, Liam’s solo work has been stronger than many expected. This could be good, or it could be trash. Either way, we know Noel will talk shit about it.

19. Dashboard ConfessionalAll the Truth That I Can Tell (Feb 24, 2022)

The poster boy for early 2000’s sensitive emo, Chris Carrabba in recent years has reached elder statesman status, with a number of artists citing him as an influence (including Ruston Kelly and Kacey Musgraves). Following a motorcycle crash in 2020, Carrabba has completed an album that, while not necessarily influenced by the accident, will likely take on new meaning because of it (such as first single “Here’s To Moving On”).

20. The Cure – TBD

C’mon guys, just released the damn new album already! The band announced a full tour of Europe, so hopefully they’ll have some kind of new music out for it. But by now I think they’re just fucking with us.

Other Potential 2022 Releases:

Pacific Radio, Band of Horses, Arcade Fire, John Mellencamp, Rat Boy, The Interrupters, Bleachers


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